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This course is PERFECT for you if:

  • You love your home and you want it to be as beautiful as you can make it!

  • You struggle to know what colour to paint your walls

  • You need help with styling around existing furniture

  • You want to learn how to create amazing moodboards

  • You want to know how to edit what you already own, how to create a gallery wall, create storage, upcycle furniture, declutter your home

  • You love magazines and Pinterest but feel like your home could never be as beautiful? Yes it can!

  • You live in any country! It's an introduction to stying your space - no matter where you live

  • You want your place to look like something out of a stylish home magazine!

  • You need a home makeover, or even just a room makeover!

My course includes enjoyable and easy to follow information

I will provide you with fun content to help you style your home like professional stylists do - because styling your home should be a joyous experience! My mantra is ORGANISE | EDIT | STYLE and I will teach you how to do all three. You will also have access to interviews with experts who will share their knowledge about paint, cabinetry, organising your home and storage solutions.

As well as tasks that you can really get stuck into!

We will figure out your style together; whether you like Scandi minimalism or English eccentric maximilism! I will provide you with creative tasks to undertake, help you learn how to have confidence in your choices and the best ways to style your space so you can be proud of it! I can't wait to help you make your home more stylish with the least amount of effort required.

We will discover your colour palette together!

I will show you how to find your favourite colour palette (yes, that includes white if that is your favourite!) because you should surround yourself with the colours that you love. And not sure how to translate a colour palette from mood board to your home? I'll show you!

Course Outcomes

  • Learn the fundamental areas of styling your own home and how to apply these techniques to other people's homes too

  • Develop ideas and skills for personal home styling projects and build the confidence to tackle your own tasks.

  • Join a wonderful community of other home style lovers in the private facebook group! A whole host of creative, supportive and wonderful people to help you on your journey.

  • Understand the many different considerations interwoven as part of an Interior Styling project in your own home or that of a client you are working with.

  • Create the most beautiful, inspirational moodboards for your projects!

  • Learn quick and efficient (and beautiful!) ways to experiment creatively and re-style your home with confidence!



Lucy is an extremely talented stylist! Her courses are packed with so many useful tips on styling. Lucy explains her creativity process in an engaging and easy-to-follow manner. I would recommend Lucy's courses to everyone!'

Rosanna Morley


"Lucy's courses are so engaging, thorough and hands-on. I definitely recommend them!"

Nicola Doherty

"Taking Lucy's course gave me the confidence to finally style my home. Without Lucy's encouragement and generosity in sharing her expert knowledge, I know this wouldn't have been possible."



The course exceeded all my expectations: I did not only find ideas, but also inspiration/knowledge/expertise and I was guided through the journey with patience and passion. Lucy is special as a teacher and as a person and she deserves not only 5 but 6 stars for this course!

As a leading Interior Stylist

I have worked in my field for a decade. I started out working in-house at Livingetc magazine and have since freelanced for the best glossy magazines in the UK like Homes and Gardens, marie claire, Sunday Times Style and YOU magazine. I have also styled for big names like John Lewis, M&S, Debenhams, Furniture Village, Heal's, Hilary's, ASDA, Made.com and Black & Decker, as well as many other incredible brands and designers such as Dulux, Freeview TV, Ruark Audio, Brintons carpets, Monsoon, House of Fraser, NEXT, sofa.com (and many more...)

What people are saying about Lucy

  • "You are definitely not only truly talented in your profession but also one in a million. I am truly grateful and looking forward to spending time doing your course and learning new skills." Arlene C

  • "Believe me, you are 5*! I’ve learnt so much and will continue to learn as you’ve set me on the right course. So, THANK YOU 🙏 " Carmel P

  • 'May I just say how amazing your interior styling course is!! I’ve been looking for something like this for such a long time & I’m so excited to have found you, I can hardly believe it!! Your own story is wonderful, & very inspirational, thank you for sharing. I think you’ve really made a lot of people smile by creating this course. I couldn’t be happier! " Sam D

Course curriculum

  • 1


    • Welcome!

    • Aims of this course

    • Please join the private facebook group

    • House Keeping

    • Transcription of all presentations

  • 2

    Module 1: Discovering your style

    • Style Quiz!

    • Shop your style

    • Q&A about Colour Psychology

    • Let's discover your style!

    • Where to find inspiration - city guides

  • 3

    Module 2: Setting a framework

    • Questions to ask yourself

    • Let's Declutter!

    • Q&A with Dilly Carter

  • 4

    Module 3: Mood boards

    • Let's create your moodboard

    • Medium Room Art download

    • Q&A with Art Curator

    • You're halfway!

    • Q&A with lighting expert

    • Create a scale floor plan

    • Let's talk about paint

  • 5

    Module 4: Tricks of the trade

    • Q&A with The TV Carpenter!

    • Creating a vignette

    • Q&A about furniture upcycling

    • Think like a stylist

  • 6

    Module 5: Final Notes

    • Decide on a budget

    • HOME TREND 1

    • HOME TREND 2

    • HOME TREND 3

    • You did it!

    • A quick thank you

Bonus material

  • Private Facebook Group

    When you sign up to my course you get access to my private facebook group where the students are learning and sharing their creative tasks every day of the week! It's a wonderful supportive group and you get access for life.

  • Q&A sessions

    Inside the facebook group I give regular Q&A sessions where I answer your questions and queries and interview other creatives too. These sessions are only accessible inside the group.

  • Interviews with experts

    The course has a number of exciting interviews with industry experts including paint, storage and lighting for you to learn from in your own time!


  • How long will the course take me?

    There are a number of short creative tasks to complete as well as hours of narrated slides, videos and downloads to learn from. It can take you as little or as long as you like and your membership never expires! You have access for life!

  • What does 'self-paced' mean

    This course is a self-paced course which means you can stop, start and pause as many times as you like. You don't have to rush to complete it.

  • What will I need to complete the course?

    Just you, your computer or tablet/phone, pen and paper!

  • Will you offer me feedback?

    There is a private facebook group where you and the other students can interact and share ideas and I will also offer guidance in that group too.

  • Is the course sub-titled?

    Yes, all the videos are subtitled and transcribed!

  • Can I buy the course for someone else as a gift?

    Yes! I love that idea. Please sign up with your own email address and pay as normal. Then ask your friend/relative to email me when they are ready to start the course and I will swap it into their name. If you would like me to design a PDF gift voucher for you please email me and I will send one to you.

  • Do you offer refunds if I find the course is not for me?

    My hope is that you are completely happy with the course but if you are not then I offer a guaranteed 7-day refund from the date of purchase and if no more than 15% of the course has been completed.